The Coastguard’s Daughter by Olivia Lowry- Autumn Tour

Tickets for The Autumn 2017 tour of The Coastguard’s Daughter are available here:

Please forward to your friends who are interested, especially those who were unable to get tickets for the 2016 short-run.

The Coastguard’s Daughter

A true story inspired this play about the bravery, spirit and musical soul of a community living by the push and pull of the tide.

Performed with the Shanty group The Press Gang in the very home of the story, this project culminated is three sold out performances at Pentewan church in April 2016.

In 1915 the Head Coastguard of one maritime village and his crew, left their posts in order to enlist in the First World War.

It was the Coastguard’s wife and two teenage daughters who volunteered and took up his mantle.

Undertaking the responsibility of the perilous post and the long watch, looking out over the boats and the bay, staying strong and lighting the way.

Poetic and playful, the unique production celebrates and laments what it is to live by the laws of the sea.

The roles and rhythms of both a community at war and working to the beat and sway of the changing tides.

Each performance will feature live shanty singing from a choir local to the venue.”

Short promo video avaulableto view through the Canvas Theatre website:

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Olivia will be on Radio St Austell Bay promoting this at 1:30 today

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