Pentewan Flood Plan


The purpose of this plan is principally to alleviate the effects of flooding from the Pentewan Stream for residents of approximately 20 properties in Glentowan Road, North Road and The Square. In addition to these, properties in West End could be at risk. Copies of this flood plan will be made available to all affected residents and holiday homes for the benefit of guests.

Pentewan Flood Risk Assessment




Flooding from Pentewan Stream Flooding in heavy, intense rain During periods of exceptionally high rainfall/flash storms can be severe Properties and adjacent roads will be affected
Flooding from the sea Dependent upon wind and tidal conditions Could be severe Properties and adjacent roads will be affected
Flooding from the White River Flooding in heavy, continuous rain During periods of exceptionally high rainfall could be severe Properties and adjacent roads will be affected

The main risk is flooding from the Pentewan Stream and this flood plan deals with this threat. The level of the Pentewan Stream can rise quickly during periods of continuous heavy rain. Wind and tidal conditions can exacerbate the problem if water cannot escape into the harbour and out again.

Residents who are members of the Pentewan Flood Group and liaise with the Environment Agency on a regular basis are:

Pentewan Flood Group



Cllr Miles Avery 01726 844928
Roger Noyce 01726 842191

The houses and flood risk area are details below:


(Map produced by the Environment Agency, 100026380, 2004. This map is based on Ordnance Survey Landline data and produced for the Environment Agency with the permission of Ordnance Survey. Aerial imagery is copyright Getmapping plc, all rights reserved. Licence number 22047.)

Flood Management Procedures 

  • Debris catchers have been installed by the Environment Agency upstream of the village.
  • The Environment Agency will undertake a sweep of the valley twice a year to check for fallen debris.
  • Debris catchers will be regularly checked by volunteers who have undertaken to walk the adjacent footpath. They will also check if there is any material within the flood plain. If it is safe to do so, small pieces of debris will be removed by the volunteers or riparian owners, but larger objects will be reported to the Parish Clerk who will inform the Environment Agency.
  • Dates of expected high tides will be posted by the Clerk on the notice-board in The Square.


Sandbags will be purchased and stored in Glentowan Road.

During periods of expected heavy or prolonged rainfall, the following procedures will be followed

Monitoring Process

  • Residents can sign up for an alert from the Floodline Warnings Direct service provided by the Environment Agency. ( This service covers The White River and Par River, so is not specific to Pentewan
  • Two flashing lights and an audible siren have been installed by the Environment Agency on the screen behind The Square. These will operate from a trigger on the screen. These lights act as a warning of an increased risk/likelihood of flooding from the Pentewan Stream
  • A list of residents’ phone numbers is attached to this Flood Plan. When the flashing lights and siren go off, residents will then phone around to cascade the warning 

Action during flooding process

Matters that will need to be considered:

Flashing lights/siren on the Screen

The lead time for the lights will vary – it could be two hours or as little as a few minutes, depending on the variables triggering the alarm. The lights and siren must therefore be used in conjunction with other triggers (eg flood alert)

  1. To open the sand bag store if needed
  2. To have vehicles parked in The Square moved to West End car park, or higher ground if West End is also at risk
  3. To alert the Emergency Services such as Fire & Rescue, Highways, Police, Western Power and Cornwall Council’s Emergency Planning
  4. To close the affected parts of the highway using cones and Road Closed Notices and man those points so that the situation can be explained to drivers
  5. To liaise with the Emergency Services on arrival and during the event
  6. If there is a need for a designated rest centre, All Saints church will be used

Clear up process

  • To consult with agencies and report problems
  • To remove the road closure equipment
  • To ensure that drains and gullies are clear – contact the parish clerk if not

Maintenance of equipment between events

To ensure drains and gullies that affect the area are kept clear of debris and report any problems to the parish clerk.

Revision of plans

This is a working document and will be reviewed on a regular basis, not less than annually.

Emergency Contact Information 


Phone Number

Cornwall Council Emergency Planning 0300 1234 100
Cornwall Council Highways (24 hours) 0300 1234 222
Cornwall Council General Enquiries 0300 1234 100
Devon and Cornwall Constabulary 999 (Non-emergency: 101)
Cornwall Fire & Rescue Service 999
South Western Ambulance Service 999
Environment Agency (Floodline) 0845 988 1188
Environment Agency (Incident Line) 0800 807 060
Pentewan Valley Parish Council
Chairman:   Cllr Derek Yeo 01726 64302
Parish Clerk: Julie Larter 01872 501101


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